There are those rhetorical questions we ask all the time, you know the ones:

– How is it a new year already?
– Where did the time go?
– What am I doing with my life?

Every year we ask them at various times, (heck that time one I likely ask every day, usually a few hours after I ask why the day is taking FOREVER?) we don’t expect answers, just nods or sounds of agreement. Sitting with our friends all taking that moment afterwards to ponder the actual question before someone starts up a conversation about something that happened in their day.

January though, the beginning of a new year, always brings with it these questions. We can’t help ourselves, we want to make fresh starts, resolutions, new things, better ourselves and what not. This of course includes myself. As a self-proclaimed over-analyzer/thinker, how could I not scrutinize every aspect of my life?

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is how the last few years have had high points and some very low points. I feel like I’ve spent most of them treading water. Waiting for the tide to move me along but with no focus or direction. Granted I figured out a few things that I don’t want to do (go back to school) plus a few that I do (tap class) but mostly I feel like I need to determine what is important and what I enjoy in my life.

On that list of things I enjoy is this site. Maybe it is just the easy “fresh start”, or rather an old start I suppose as it is going back to things that I enjoyed. Still though for as long as I can remember I have always had an on-line presence, sure I still do in a social context, but nothing more than that. The only thing that has been updating here for a few years now is the sidebar, thanks to my instagram and twitter feeds, but it has made me a little sad that this is the case. The dormancy of this site needs to change.

Don’t mistake this for a return though, because we all know that I have tried to come back a few times over these past years and I always seem to lose traction (start to sink, if keeping with the water metaphor). Let us call this a contemplation, perhaps a few (key)strokes in the right direction. (Yup shouldn’t write blog post near midnight as it leads to cheesy writing.)

Maybe it will lead to less rhetorical questions or maybe more (likely more). Either way, you have ten minutes worth of reading to kill time at work and I have the enjoyment of getting to put words on a page. Let’s see where it takes us shall we?