Is there anything worse than having the desire to write yet having nothing to say?

I so often think ‘I want to write something’. It isn’t anything specific, just a need to write. I think okay I’ll write a blog post, but then I sit here thinking ‘what do I have to say, that anyone might care to read?’. I realize the readership of my site is basically zero but knowing you are putting something permanent into the world is a bit daunting, no matter who’s going to see it.

It is definitely safer for me to just pick up a pen and jot some thoughts into a notebook, but there is part of me that feels the catharsis is in the vulnerability of other people’s opinion. Writing for the sake of writing is great but sometimes I guess I want to know I am being heard(seen).

Do I have anything to say? Not really, my life is mundane. I don’t come home from my day with grand adventures to regale company with over a drink.

So again, how can I expect to write anything that might entertain you? I guess in truth I don’t think I will, I just want to have an outlet that says ‘this is me’. Whatever, or whoever, that may be. Definitely a work in progress, though I think construction is halted at the moment, but still me. One day it will start up again and oh the stories…